Simply Amplify


Here is some info about the Album. And how the guitar and Steels were recorded.

All songs produced by: Andreas Rydman and Hasse Sjölander. Recorded at Hacienda studios and Kultivator studios during spring and summer 2010. Engineered and mixed by: Hasse Sjölander

Masterd by: Hasse Sjölander at Hacienda studios

Cover design by: Anders Festander  Trailor made productions

The Band:

Andreas Rydman: Guitar, Lap Steel, Weissenborn, Baritone guitar and Pedal Steel

Jonas Öijvall Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer

Jonas Gunnarsson: Fender bas and upright bas

Mikael Emsing: Percussion

Hasse Sjölander: Drums

Mats Ronander. Harmonaca on Old No.7

I want to thank:

Vivien & Frasier, my family, my friends and colleagues for your love and support. All the musicians and friends involved in this record, my co-producer Hasse and Mats Ronander-”nice pickin’ y’all”

Björn ”the Mad Professor” Juhl, Harri and Bukka at Mad Professor Amplification, Sebastian & staff at These go to 11, Anders and Per at True Temperament, Uffe at Guitarlabs, Sussi and Jochen at G66, Fractal Audio Systems, Ingo at Duesenberg, Oscar at JAM, Tanglewood MasterDesign, Arne Arvidsson, Anders at Trailermade Production.

And all the musicians past and present that inspire me!

The Tones:

Lap Dawg: CS-40 Normal Chanel. 2×12 MP cab with Red Fang miked with Royer 121 and a little bit of Axe Fx Ultra. 80% amp 20% Axe Fx.

Grissom Is the CS-40 Abnormal Chanel in FET Mode. Gain at about noon. Red Rooster Booster on the whole thing. Captain Coconut Fuzz and Vibe. Two Rock 2×12 loaded with G12 65’s. miked with Audix i5. The solo has a little Axe FX panes hard left and right with delay.

Maltes Vals: CS-40. Normal Chanel. 2×12 Red Fang. Royer 121.

Don’t Say No!  All Axe Fx Ultra. +Budwha wha wha. I recorded a miked  cab (CS-40) but when I listened back I had blown the speaker so I ended up using the Axe Fx instead of re-recording it.

Old No.7: CS-40 Abnormal/FET with red Rooster Booster. Played really loud!!. 4×12 with G12M. Royer 121. Low melody: Abnormal + Tomato Fuzz. The solo is all Axe Fx Ultra. A Mashall Plexi preset with a Fuzz Face. The Harmonica is CS-40 Normal Chanel. Red Fang speaker, Royer -121

Korby: A-part + half of the solo is a Vox AC30 Head with matching 2×12 with Alnico Blues. Red Rooster Booster and a Mighty Green Mini Vibe. Second part of solo is CS-40 Abbnormal. Chanel and Red Fangs and Royer 121.

Sky Dog is CS-40 Abnormal chanel. Tube mode and Two Rock cab. Miked with sm57. The solo is Axe Fx in hotellroom recorded same day as the Old No. 7 solo. Same preset to.

I’m So Lonesome is CS-40 normal  channel Diamond Tremolo and Forrest Green Compressor. 2×12  with Red Fangs. Royer 121.

The two Weissenborn tracks Granö and Raisa is Royer-121 and Neuman KM85.

All guitars recorded in my studio.