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Andreas plays Lap Steel, Weissenborn, Slide guitar, Baritone guitar and Pedal steel on his debut album Simply Amplify.

In this clinic he will take you on a journey through the history, styles and sounds of slide and lap style playing. In his music he wonders the styles of country music, blues, sacred steel, southern rock and all Americana roots music. Switching between Lap and Pedal steel, Weissenborn and Slide guitar, back to the acoustic sound of Swedish folk roots. He takes his inspiration from guitarists like Derek Trucks, Sonny Landreth, David Lindley and Jerry Douglas.

Throughout this clinic the participants will travel within the history and sound of Lap Steel, the acoustic Weissenborn and slide guitar and get an insight in these exciting instruments.

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The workshop focuses on both slide guitar and Lap steel / Weissenborn.

We work on techniques, tunings and sounds.

The level can be adapted from beginner to advanced players.

This is an exciting and unique seminar for guitarists of all levels who are ready for a breakthrough in developing new sounds and repertoire in slide and lap style playing.



For information and booking contact Andreas at: