Press Release Andreas Rydman-­‐ Simply Amplify (McGain Records©2012)

Release date: September 20th,2012

 Andreas Rydman’s first solo CD release ” Simply Amplify” debuts his textural Americana inspired music. Soulful playing and songwriting on ten organic and original instrumental tracks. Andreas plays Weissenborn, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Baritone, Lap Steel and Pedal Steel guitars. Guest artist Mats Ronander. Simply Amplify” is all about vibe; tone and feel, taking you on a timeless musical road trip from the cold northern winters of Sweden to the hot swampy feel of Louisiana.

Musician and composer Andreas Rydman was born and raised in the village of Granö, in the middle of the woods of north Sweden. He grew up listening to the music of Elvis and Chuck Berry and was immediately drawn to the guitar playing. In his early teens he discovered AC/DC, Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix and decided to pick up a guitar and become a guitarist!

He was so struck by Angus Young’s playing that at the age of 13 he made his parents buy him a Gibson SG and made his own copy of Angus’s horned hat with real reindeers horn. He went on starting his own band playing original blues tunes, that Andreas had composed himself as early as 12 years of age. Throughout High school Andreas performed with different bands and went on winning national competitions with his original fusion band Zodogash. Wanting to expand his musical knowledge, Andreas went on studying guitar and music at the Musician’s institute in London, UK. Andreas moved to Stockholm Sweden‘99 and soon became a regular fixture in Stockholm’s live scene. There his musical career took off: working studio sessions, backing up Swedish and international Artists live and on records, touring the world as soloist guitar player with Swedish acts, opening him to new musical challenges and influences. With Stockholm as his base and the rest of the world as his working field, Andreas has toured all over the world playing in over 150 cities in over 40 countries. Writing and playing in different projects, Andreas found himself often drawn to blues and roots music. Co-writing Country music songs introduced him to the Americana style with influences such as Brad Paisley, Sonny Landreth, Bill Frisell, to name a few. He dug into this new music world and found his true calling in the sound of a slide! Picking up a lap-steel he wondered the sounds of country music, blues, sacred steel, southern rock and all Americana roots music. Switching between lap and pedal steel, weissenborn and slide guitar, back to the acoustic sound of Swedish folk roots Andreas found his music, his songs: simply amplify!


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